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About The Ultimutt Life

At The Ultimutt Life, dogs are absolutely, pawsitively family! Dogs instinctively know how to live, not just the good life, but the ulimutt life!  They make friends wherever they go, spread love and happiness with the wag of their tail, and inspire us to fetch the ultimutt life too!

The Ultimutt Life brand feature adorable mutts, purebred dogs, and purrfect cats in original designs. Available in a variety of colors and apparel including t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts, they are the perfect gift for dog lovers – and cat servants – of all ages! 

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About Alva

I have LOVED dogs since I was a tiny tot (it's in my DNA!); growing up my family always adopted from our local animal shelter or we took in the pets no one wanted! Dogs and cats make the best friend for a child! Unconditional love, loyalty, and devotion – everyone needs a friend like that! 

My much loved Maggie Mae inspired my passion to begin Pawsitively Texas. She was the ultimutt best friend, a beautiful Beagle who made friends everywhere she went with her happy personality. She was always ready for the next adventure with me, regardless of whether it was simply a walk, decorating for holidays, or an adventure that took us camping and canoing along beautiful rivers surrounded by magnificent mountains! After almost 15 years of unconditional love, Maggie took her last breath as I held her late one evening. Kidney failure took her from my life, but not my heart. Maggie is the inspiration behind many of The Ultimutt Life t-shirt designs and also my work in animal rescue! 

This photo is a few years old, as I lost Maggie in late 2008; it's one of the few I have of us together. I was always taking photos of her; we think we have 'forever' ... I highly recommend you have lots of photos taken of you and your pet(s)!

Today, my family has grown to include five rescue dogs. Mckenzie who was abandoned at a kill shelter with her brother when she was just a tiny puppy. She was my first, adopted dog after losing Maggie. Mckenzie rarely has a good hair day, but she is the Princess Boss of the pack – and she demands R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

I soon found that I missed the Beagle personality immensely and Gracie came next; she was abandoned at a kill shelter when she was one year old. She is one of the most beautiful Beagles I've seen; she is also one of the laziest hound dogs ever! Like most beagles, she loves to burrow under the covers; it makes my heart smile when I walk into a room and see the covers start dancing as she wags her tail.

Tiko became number 3; he was a tiny Chihuahua mix with a big Napolean complex, abandoned at a kill (gassing!) shelter in need of surgery and an attitude adjustment. He was being passed over at adoption events because many considered him not-adoptable. Imagine being abandoned when you were in pain in need of surgery! Today, he is still a tiny little dog with a great big attitude, but such a joy and is always on squirrel patrol! He truly is Mr. Personality!

Auggie came next, he was supposed to be a foster; I went to the shelter with another Rescuer to help with two dogs. It was a Sunday, the day after Christmas; the shelter was full and no one was there to adopt. Black dogs are statistically passed over at shelters and he had the odds against him. I figured I would foster him and let the Rescue place him; I had to save at least one of those dogs! Once home, it was discovered that Auggie had a doggy cold and as I nursed him through his illness, his adorable personality and submissive, love-starved nature grabbed hold of my heart. I couldn't not let him go. He is just one stunning black dog! Most black dogs are!

Mischi (#5), at just 13 weeks, was an adoption return because she had a doggy cold. There she sat in isolation at the high kill shelter, with little chance for adoption. So when a local animal rescue group asked if anyone could foster, we thought, well, our house if full, but how much trouble could a 4lb puppy be?! As we fostered her, she and Auggie became inseperable, so we decided that she would become a member of our family too. She is so smart and confident; I really think she could rule the world – and most likely, she is working on a way to do so. 

We never planned to have 5 dogs, but they add LIFE to life and so much fun! My dogs are love. They inspire The Ultimutt Life. And they remind that every pet deserves a home full of love; and we can help save them!

Why Animal Rescue is Important to Me!

In late 2008, I founded Pawsitively Texas (a blog and in 2009 a Facebook page) with the goal to use my marketing communications and social media expertise to raise awareness for pets in need as well as the rescues and shelters that care for them. In the years since, we've saved thousands of shelter pet lives, raised funds to care for their medical and vetting needs, helped reunite lost pets and their people, and learned so much about the innovative programs being used to build no kill communities.

Even though U.S. animal shelters are killing approximatel 3-4 million adoptable pets each year, 17 million people will add a new pet to their home – and therein lies the hope and belief that we can indeed save ALL shelter pets through adoption, owner reclaims, and other proven programs! Communities that have adopted the no kill program are saving 90% or more of the pets that enter their shelters!

I've hosted two no kill/pets alive programs in North Texas, traveled to no kill communities, videotaped interviews with the experts and written numerous articles about increasing pet adoptions and other programs that save lives. I've also had the pleasure to consult with many shelters, rescues, and other orgs to help them grow and achieve their mission to help pets. In addition to Pawsitively Texas, I've created a The Homeless Pet Project website which hosts the videos and articles with the mission to help any volunteer, in any community, anywhere in the world, discover the resources and programs to transform their animal control facility to no kill. My personal mission statement is "Be the change you wish to see!" – and my vision is BIG! Through the sales of The Ultimuff Life apparel, I will self-fund many of these new projects that will increase pet adoption and save the lives of the beautiful, adoptable pets that depend on us to save them. As The Ultimutt Life grows in success, I will be able to fund more animal rescue and shelter needs. I truly believe we are the generation that will see no kill become a reality!

How You Can Help!

You can join me in this vision by buying a t-shirt and telling others. Email your friends, family, and co-workers and give them the link to The Ultimutt Life shop! Share your favorite t-shirts on FacebookPinterestGoogle+, Twitter, and other social media sites – and use the hashtag #theultimuttlife

We only have this one life! Let's start a revolution to Fetch The Ultimutt Life, to really live life as dogs do! We'll help save homeless animals and create a more beautiful world! 

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